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Large Fold Handmade Vase – Crackle


The Fold Vase is handmade from stoneware clay and finished with a smooth crackle glaze that catches the light, throwing dappled patterns onto the ceiling and wall. Built using an ancient coil pottery technique, it’s incredibly tactile and fits the hand perfectly. The folds and curves in the vase’s surface echo the fingers of Grace, its maker.

Display the vase in any room of the house, with or without flowers, to experience its true beauty. It is entirely watertight.

  • Measurements (furthest point): H: 21cm x L:20cm x W:14cm. Hole: 8cm x 10cm

Large Tea Cup – Toasted Sage


Enjoy your tea in this wide-brimmed handmade ceramic teacup. Finished with a beautiful Toasted Sage glaze on the exterior, it has a smooth white interior that’s ready to drink from. Perfect for a cup of afternoon mindfulness.

  • Food safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measurements: H: 9cm ø10cm

Little Fold Bud Vase – White Speckle


This simple and unique handmade vase was made from stoneware clay using an ancient pottery coiling technique. Finished with a white speckled glaze, it is tactile and ergonomic – fitting softly into the hands of whomever holds it. The vase looks different from each side. Accessorise it with fresh flowers or when not in use, display it on a shelf or table.

  • Watertight
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Measurements: Height – 11cm; Width – 12cm; Depth – 6.5cm


Medium Fold Vase – Toasted Sage


Handmade, coiled vase finished with a toasted sage glaze.

Measurements: H:18  x W: 14 x L:11 cm

Soap Dish – Blue & White


A beautiful handmade soap dish in white, featuring a blue feathered effect, with drainage holes and feet for easy cleaning. Looks beautiful in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink with your favourite soap.

  • Approx Measurements: length – 10cm ; height – 6cm