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Display Platter – Blue Bloom

£22.00 £24.00
  • Size: Ø cm; Height cm
  • Not food safe
  • Not dishwasher/microwave safe

With a textured matte finish and beautifully sloped sides, this display platter is ideal for use on a sideboard, shelf or dressing table. Keep your favourite items like jewellery or keys easy to find, or use it solely as a display plate, adding a pop of colour to your room.

Handmade Mug (Medium, Chunky – 300ml) – Crested Wave

£16.00 £24.00

This chunky handmade mug is built using a slab building process and finished with a white glaze with a gloopy blue brush mark. Finished with the GG Clayworks makers mark on the underside.

  • Measurements: Height – 9cm, ø7cm; 300ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe

Medium Straight Sided Bowl – Sea Froth

  • Food safe
  • Not dishwasher / microwave safe
  • Measurements:

A striking handmade bowl made from stoneware clay and glazed on the interior with a washed white glaze. Exterior decoration comprises of a stroke of white slip as well as a partial dip of semi-transparent glaze. The process of the bowl is apparent: turning marks, knife marks and fingerprints are left in the clay to act as its memory. Finished with a hand carved foot and the GG Clayworks maker’s mark.

Soap Dish – White Mud Crack

  • Size:
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not food safe

Handmade and finished with a beautiful delicate mud crack glaze, this soap dish is supported by two feet and completed with three holes, making it perfect for drainage. The textured glaze helps to drain the soap too. Balance it on the edge of your sink or bath to make use of your favourite soaps.