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Display Bowl – Elderflower


Finished in a delicate crystalline elderflower glaze, this beautiful bowl is perfect for display. Place it on a sideboard or low shelf to show it off in its best light. The sheen on its glaze looks fantastic in the sunshine.

Measurements: ø-23cm; H-3.5cm
Food safe
Not microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

Medium Straight Sided Bowl – Sea Froth

  • Food safe
  • Not dishwasher / microwave safe
  • Measurements:

A striking handmade bowl made from stoneware clay and glazed on the interior with a washed white glaze. Exterior decoration comprises of a stroke of white slip as well as a partial dip of semi-transparent glaze. The process of the bowl is apparent: turning marks, knife marks and fingerprints are left in the clay to act as its memory. Finished with a hand carved foot and the GG Clayworks maker’s mark.

Pasta Bowl – White Speckle


These stunning pasta bowls are handmade from speckled clay, and finished in a white tin glaze. Designed thick to retain heat, they’re substantial enough to use everyday, but pretty enough to use just on special occasions.

Measurements: ø-22cm H-4cm (approx)
Food safe
Dishwasher safe
Not microwave safe

Sea Spray Large Bowl


H – 9cm; ø – 23cm

This straight-walled bowl is the perfect size for fruit, or just to be used on display. Handmade from slabs in a light-buff stoneware, it is finished with two layered glazes – crystalline and matte whites – to give a stunning unique finish.