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Display Platter – Blue Bloom

  • Size: Ø cm; Height cm
  • Not food safe
  • Not dishwasher/microwave safe

With a textured matte finish and beautifully sloped sides, this display platter is ideal for use on a sideboard, shelf or dressing table. Keep your favourite items like jewellery or keys easy to find, or use it solely as a display plate, adding a pop of colour to your room.

Serving Platter – Arctic Sky

  • Size: Ø22cm, Height
  • Food safe
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Formed completely by hand from stoneware clay, this serving platter is finished with a beautiful white and blue crystalline glaze. The splatter effect creates a stunning detail that can be admired up close as well as from a distance. Use it to serve food when you eat family-style at the table, or to hold fruit or snacks.