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Small-batch handmade ceramics by Grace Edwards

I’m Grace – a ceramicist based in Liverpool, UK. I searched for the creative medium that was right for me, for years and finally found pottery in 2015. I’ve loved it ever since. 

My work is functional but aesthetic. I know that my items will live in people’s homes for the duration of their lives, and this domesticity inspires me. I want to create items that will witness the lives of the people that own them, eventually becoming heirlooms or hand-me-downs.

Inspired by termite mounds, sand dunes and tree roots, my work aims to bring a sense of nature into the home. This functionalware is tactile and textured. Handmade using traditional pottery techniques like coiling, slab-building and kurinuki, these organic forms are created in my unconscious. Bumps, dents and fingerprints in my work represent the natural process of pottery in undulating forms – finished with glossy or matt glazes that bring out the texture in the piece.

When I work I am connected to the material completely – I use tools minimally and focus on using my fingers, knuckles and fingernails to achieve the texture and look that I desire. Because of this, my work is truly expressive – there is very little design process. A thought is transformed into the thread of an idea, and then translated into clay.

I regularly work with clients on commissions, and can work with you to create exactly what you’d like. Otherwise, I work towards regular shop updates which will be uploaded onto my Shop.